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Issue #9099 duplicate

Markdown renders incorrect link, when URL contains colon (BB-10228)

Anonymous created an issue

Found by accident, when using Wikimedia's GeoHack tool.

A "normal" URL (doesn't contain colon):


renders correctly -- example.

When URL contains colon (:):


It renders a link to current page -- example

(edit source of this issue, to see, that the same URL as above is given in this link).

Comments (11)

  1. Anonymous

    Daniel Bennett Dan, can you clarify, what do you understand by "shortly"? Three months has passed since reporting and I think, that this issue hasn't even been touched by any of Bitbucket developers... :|

  2. Anonymous

    Chad, if you find this ridiculous, then tell me, what do you think about this my report? Half of year waiting to be able to delete garbage, auto-generated comments, that are nothing else than useless garbage (I've expressed my irritation in this comment)!

  3. Daniel Bennett staff

    For followers I apologize that this issue fell between the cracks. We were looking likely to have a solution, however, the problem lies with an upstream library. I should have returned with a status update after it was apparent that this was not the case.

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