Markdown renders incorrect link, when URL contains colon (BB-10228)

Issue #9099 duplicate
Former user created an issue

Found by accident, when using Wikimedia's GeoHack tool.

A "normal" URL (doesn't contain colon):

renders correctly -- example.

When URL contains colon (:):

It renders a link to current page -- example

(edit source of this issue, to see, that the same URL as above is given in this link).

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  1. Anonymous

    @Daniel Bennett Dan, can you clarify, what do you understand by "shortly"? Three months has passed since reporting and I think, that this issue hasn't even been touched by any of Bitbucket developers... :|

  2. Anonymous

    Chad, if you find this ridiculous, then tell me, what do you think about this my report? Half of year waiting to be able to delete garbage, auto-generated comments, that are nothing else than useless garbage (I've expressed my irritation in this comment)!

  3. Daniel Bennett staff

    For followers I apologize that this issue fell between the cracks. We were looking likely to have a solution, however, the problem lies with an upstream library. I should have returned with a status update after it was apparent that this was not the case.

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