POST hook doesn't seem to work if the url contains auth data

Issue #9134 resolved
Sabin Iacob
created an issue

I am trying to integrate bitbucket with our private CI system (buildbot), and bitbucket doesn't seem to run the hook (or it crashes somehow)

the POST url is something along the lines of

another instance where I don't use authentication works fine, so I guess it doesn't like the user:password part?

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  1. Sabin Iacob reporter

    posting manually here, since the email reply I sent almost a week ago didn't show up:

    It seems a slash in the password was throwing off your url parsing, after removing it things magically started working

  2. Brodie Rao

    If you percent encode the username/password, you should be able to use ones with slashes in them. Per RFCs 1808 and 3986, the "userinfo" portion of a URL cannot contain reserved characters (slash being one of them)

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