Creating Branch Adds Empty Commit

Issue #9135 duplicate
Benjamin Leppard
created an issue

When creating a branch using the Branch button. Bitbucket will create a branch with an empty commit with a commit message of the form "Created new branch $(BranchName)". This causes two issues. It is incompatible with the new JIRA 6.2 increased git integration, and causes problems with rebasing

In JIRA 6.2 issues will now sure the number of commits against each issue. When using Bitbucket's branch functionality, the empty branch commit is counted as a commit by JIRA. Therefore, it appears that there was code committed against an issue, when actually only a branch was created.

When rebasing the branch, the rebase will fail unless the branch commit is marked as skip.

This branch functionality is different than the git command line tool and the normal way of doing git branching. It would be great if this were optional functionality that could be turned off.

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