Support inline anchor links in Markdown (BB-10269)

Issue #9143 open
Julien Garcia Gonzalez
created an issue

Hellow i'm trying to do an anchor link inside a wiki page like that:

result: [clickonpng.json](#clickonpng.json)

**clickonpng.json<a name="clickonpng.json"></a>**

It's working in another interpreter but not here. Is it possible to do it directly, or to have it in another release?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Julien,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We're currently using the Python-Markdown library to render Markdown, and I don't think it supports this functionality.

    I've added an issue to our backlog to look into implementing this. We'll update this issue when we have more information.

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