Hooks are not fired when using "Merge" or "Sync" functionality (BB-10243)

Issue #9161 closed
Zachary Davis
created an issue

From #7402:

"The issue of not firing the hooks for a Merge or Sync from the BB Branch Tools (/branches) prevents a key scenario for my team (on Mercurial). We'd like to be able to enable testers to pull the latest DEV code into the TEST branch and thus receive a new build from our CI system (AppHarbor). If we could fire hooks from the Branches page on BB, this would be a one-stop shop for them, but as it is now, our testers have to either do the merge themselves locally or (more likely) have a developer do it. This is highly asymmetrical treatment of the remote push versus an internal push - oddly implemented to my thinking.

And if this gets worked on, I'd like to suggest a button to "Fire All Hooks" or similar to force external CI listeners to rebuild/etc. This would be a nice-to-have as an effective way to force the rebuild/redeploy of software when making changes to hardware/settings/etc on an external CI provider or to force a rebuild in case of other failure. Not strictly BB's problem, but like I said, making BB a one-stop provider only makes the offering stronger. It would also help hook testing.

I've also submitted this through Attlassian support (BBS-7460) and they basically told me that I had an interesting idea.'

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