Not all domains recognized in repository description (BB-10285)

Issue #9195 closed
Former user created an issue

By accident, I have noticed, that when you put domain / URL into repository's description, it will be converted (everywhere such description is displayed) to working, clickable link.

This, however, doesn't work for all domains.

I noticed, that:

  • it works for .com domain (i.e. This is repository for project),
  • it doesn't work for .pl domain (i.e. This is repository for project).

I don't know, if there is some kind of pattern for that (for example -- all commercial-like top level domains are recognized and converted into links, while all country-code top level domains are ignored) or if not recognizing .pl is just a single, unrelated bug.

I'm talking specifically about repository description, not Markdown formatter used in issues, comments etc. (that's why on above list both examples doesn't work).

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