The Teammate Tag doesn't appear on my teammates (BB-11118)

Issue #9207 resolved
Heather Markman
created an issue

The Teammate Tag doesn't appear on my teammates. And for some reason people who have no connection to my repro are listed (which is very confusing and should not be allowed, i should be able to have the option to ONLY see my teammates and not be forced to see everyone). Is there a way to fix this, so only my teammates show up. Or at minimum my teammates always show up first and WITH a teammate label?

In the screen shots below looking for my teammate, i get loads of names that are not his. And when I do find a teammate, he is not tagged as everyone at my company says he should be.

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  1. Heather Markman reporter

    I don't know. Thats the point. How can I find people if their names don't match their company accounts? Why are there people outside the scope of my company even listed? How can I tell who is who if random people are constantly being listed?

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    I'm asking because the dropdown is meant to look for all users that match your search, but put TEAM labels on users that are part of your team. It should also put those at the top of the suggestion list.

    Since your dialogs do not show any TEAM labels, this might indicate a problem with the feature. However, if you do not have any people on your team named Dan Martin, then the shown output would be expected behavior.

    Can you search for the username of a user that you know is part of your team and can you verify that they show up at the top of the list, labeled with "TEAM"?

  3. Heather Markman reporter

    Vipul - I discovered that when I was given "create" access, it took care of my problem. However, it seems pretty ridiculous that if your on a team, it should matter what your settings are, a team is a team.

    Erik - I don't want to see the world, I only want to see users at my company. I think an "option" to be able to choose everyone or company wide would be acceptable, but not automatically and only show anyone with a username.

    Also, I think if someone has a personal account and a corporate account, they should not be tied together, however, in this case they seem to be. Most co-workers were hard to find because their usernames were not matching the format we use for usernames at our company.

    Also, I posted an image of a co-worker originally to show that there was no "teammate" next to his name.

    If you see my response to Vipul, the "teammate" icon finally started showing when I was given "create" access, however, at the end of the day, I was alway on the team. It seems really silly that I would be required to have this access in order to see the "teammate"s label.

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