Different display style for moved-only files in a Pull Request

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Klaus Unger created an issue


first things first - we are extremly happy with your great tools.

Nevertheless, we found some small enhancement, that would us (as possibly many others as well) ease the way we deal with pull-requests.

While acting agile and doing some major refactorings (from time to time) we have the need to move many files around (e.g. renaming / restructuring of the package structur in java) Those files are untouched / unchanged - just moved!

It would be very helpful, if those files could be displayed in a different (maybe collapsible) section, eg. in the form of:

/old/path/of/the/file.ext -> /new/maybe/deeper/path/of/the/file.ext

There is no need

  • to display the whole content of the old file in red indicating the deletion and
  • later displaying the whole (identical) content of the new file in green indication the insertion.

This display is super-fine for changes.

Advantages could be:

  • moved-only just don't distract from reviewing the real changes.
  • faulty move would be more easily detectable when the involved paths are close together

Thanks for a short reply

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