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Issue #9213 duplicate

Relative urls in readme.md files only work half the time. (BB-7521)

Olivier Scherler
created an issue

Relative urls in readme.md files only work half the time. (BB-7521) Nick Zarczynski avatarNick Zarczynski created an issue 2013-02-10 I have the following project structure: doc/ getting_started.md ... readme.md In my readme.md file, I link to the getting_started.md document like so: Get started When viewing the readme.md file in the source tab this link 404's (it points to ../project/doc/contributing.md) But when I click on the readme.md file and view it, the link works (correctly points to ../project/src/31...8e/doc/contributing.md) There is a (possibly?) subtly different problem for relative links in sub-folders. Given the project structure of: doc/ style/ markdown.md readme.md top_level_readme.md In the readme.md file, if I have a link to style/markdown.md as follows: Markdown Style Guide It will break in a similar manner to the above (50% of the time), but with the following urls: Overview page links to: ../project/src/31...8e/style/markdown.md While viewing readme.md links to: ../project/src/31...8e/doc/style/markdown.md Comments (67) Brian Nguyen Hi Nick, Thanks for reporting. I've confirmed that the problem with relative links only works if the readme is rendered at a specific commit. If it is rendered generally (like on the overview page), then it will not work. I have added the issue to our backlog, and please watch this issue for further updates. Cheers, Brian 2013-02-13

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