"An error occurred while updating" when deleting messages form Inbox / Outbox

Issue #9217 resolved
Mati Kärner
created an issue

I'm getting "An error occurred while updating" message whenerver I try to delete messages from Inbox / Outbox. Messages are actually deleted and sometimes I can see the corresponding rows dissapear (fade out). Sometimes I have to refresh the page to see the results.

I'm using Firefox for Ubuntu, 28.0. My network connection is working fine.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Thanks for opening the Web Inspector. That 404 is helpful. Can you expand one of those red 404 responses and show the full URL? Also, can you click on one and then open the full request and response tab, including all headers, so that we can see if the response contains any hints as to what was not found?

    Note: Be aware that the request headers will reveal your session cookie! Please either black out that line, or maybe send it to support by emailing at support@bitbucket.org. If you do, please mention my name and reference this issue.

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