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Issue #9218 resolved

Link JIRA issue tracker from Bitbucket navigation (BB-10334)

Zach Shelton
created an issue

From a Bitbucket repository, there is no visible link to JIRA as the "Issue Tracker" for that repository -- even when the integration is set up correctly and commit message links are hyperlinked correctly. From the corresponding JIRA project, there is no link to the Bitbucket repo (aside from the various commit links in specific issues and activity feeds).

You may ask why I care about this. If I am looking at a commit message in BitBucket and it has tags in it that link to specific issue(s) in JIRA, and I can get from JIRA to the relevant commits, merges, and branches in BitBucket, then why does a missing header matter?

use case: Joe is a developer and begins work on this project by cloning the repo. He discovers a bug and wants to make sure that the lead developer is aware of it. He goes to the overview page in BitBucket, but does not see an "issue tracker" link in the header where one would appear if the project were using BitBucket's internal issue tracker. Since he is new to this project, he has not viewed detailed commit messages from other developers that link back to specific issues in JIRA. He concludes that this project does not have an associated issue tracker so decides to abandon his interest in the project.

please see: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/BITBUCKET/Set+up+a+Wiki+and+an+Issue+Tracker?focusedCommentId=585072784#comment-585072784

I have the same basic issue linking between the Bitbucket repo and the associated page in Confleunce.

Comments (22)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    With OnDemand, you should see a link to the JIRA instance in the apps dropdown (I do understand that that is not exactly the same thing as having an issues tab). Is this is missing, then we can have a look at the configuration.

    home — Bitbucket 2014-04-02 11-43-38 2014-04-02 11-43-56.png

  2. Zach Shelton reporter

    That does not work. My company has one primary account for our JIRA OnDemand instance, and there is a corresponding BitBucket account (and it isn't me). That BitBucket account is the owner of our BitBucket repositories. When I am logged into JIRA and/or Confluence with the OnDemand account assigned to me by the company, that dropdown works as expected. But as soon as I switch to BitBucket, I am using a different account since those systems are separated. The dropdown then fails to point back to JIRA -- it becomes an advertising link:

    2014-04-02 14_23_18-collaborative-ondemand _ CERAPF — Bitbucket.png

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    Right. The current JIRA/Confluence/etc integration is aimed at and scoped to teams and does not cater well to public repos that are accessible to any user.

    There is currently no way to connect the issues tab to an external issue tracker.

    I'll raise an internal issue for this though.

  4. Zach Shelton reporter

    note: I would not expect for the JIRA issue tracker content to appear wrapped in the BitBucket interface as if it were just another tab. I would be quite happy to have a link in the in the horizontal navigation menu that simply pointed to the external JIRA project.

    2014-04-03 12_33_49-zshelton_cdsc _ MyPublicScrapBook — Bitbucket.png

    That would make it clear to anyone browsing the repository that there IS an issue tracker. They may or may not have access to it once they try to follow the link, but at least they would know where to look.

  5. Andrew Stewart

    I don't mean to hijack this issue thread, but it'd be nice to just at least be able to edit the links in the navigation menu in bitbucket so one could point to their JIRA OnDemand instance.

  6. Anonymous

    Since the same concept is implemented on privately hosted instances (JIRA & Fisheye / Crucible), I really hope they do it on Bitbucket too...

  7. Robin van Schuilenburg

    I'm a bit surprised this issue still hasn't been solved. It makes these two products feel very disconnected from each other. Going Jira -> Confluence and back is very easy. Going Jira/Confluence -> Butbucket is easy as well. But as soon as you're inside BitBucket somehow the menu button doesn't work anymore but tells me i can "Connect Bitbucket with other great Atlassian products:". Yes, I've done that already.

    It's obviously not something big, but it takes away from the workflow when using these Atlassian products.

  8. Allen Curtis

    I am very surprised that this isn't an option when configuring an "Issue Tracker" for repository.

    It would be much more convenient if JIRA was better integrated. One selling point I told our client was the ability to track issues to code commits. My guess that referencing JIRA issues in Bitbucket commits does not work either.

  9. Patrick Ford

    At the very least give us the opportunity remove the marketing material from the tool. It stings enough that we have Jira and can't link to it from the Bitbucket menu...but to include a link that push our users over to a marketing page for a product that we already have. Ouch.

  10. Joseph Narai

    I have to agree with this - it worked perfectly with Bitbucket Server - we have just moved to the cloud, and not being able to easily navigate from bitbucket back to JIRA is terrible - and as Patrick just described, having a link to a marketing page is awful.

  11. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi everyone - although it is not possible to navigate to JIRA via the issues tab (no plans to enable that at this time), the app switcher can now be powered by JIRA - see the pinned comment on issue #9436. Hope that helps.

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