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Defaults templates for newly created repos (e.g. license and ignore files) (BB-10319)

Marcos Scriven
created an issue

Would be handy when creating a new repo for a default set of .gitignore options. Two particular sets I can think of:

1) IDE files (E.g. .idea direct or .iml files) 2) Built files/artifacts (.pyc, /target)

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  1. Samuel Larcher

    I like this idea. Especially being able to pick from a dropdown, when creating a new repo, a predefined gitignore file. That would be really handy. That's based on the fact that you need different git ignore rules based on the system you use. It would be great to be able predefined ones let's say for 'Wordpress', 'Concrete5' or whatever.. Also it would be handy to it at the stage when creating the repo in bitbucket - sometimes I forget and that there is the headache again.

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