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It would be nice to be able to filter pull requests by creator name or branch/tag ref.

Maybe have something akin to the search field on the commit listing page.

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    This was assigned to Erik last year, however, that is misleading as this is not actively being developed so I'll be removing him.

    Although I can't provide any construction timelines, the good news is that the pull request lists are in the process being redesigned and enhanced and progress is actively being made on new specifications and UI design.

  2. Ciprian Diaconasu

    Filtering by the branch, code reviewer, author and would help us a lot for checking the current status and progress, since now we have to do lots of manual work to find out what pull requests do you still have to review, for example.

  3. Andy Prouty

    Jira allows smart filters on kanban/sprint boards where can specify the criteria, for example by assignee or component or ??. Why not have a similar concept within Bitbucket but with fields appropriate for Bitbuckets - good ideas already in this thread.

  4. Kaleb Elwert

    We recently rolled out a redesigned pull request list and a dashboard designed to focus on pull requests.

    The pull request list adds some useful filters and the dashboard makes it easier to find pull requests that should matter to you.

    I'm going to close this for now because we have resolved the largest complaint in this issue. If you have any comments on the new dashboard or pull requests list, please feel free to open a new issue with any relevant information.

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