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Issue #9236 duplicate

Email diff hook does not contain the correct Branch with multiple changesets

Jan Willem B
created an issue

The email from the "email diff" hook doesn't contain the correct branch with multiple changesets.

2014-04-01 17_31_46-Document1 - Microsoft Word.png

Comments (3)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    This is a consequence of a known issue with our hooks infrastructure.

    Bitbucket's hooks are currently not doing a very good job adding branch labels on commits. This is a legacy from the Mercurial-only days in which a commits can only ever be on 1 branch (named branches). In Git a commit can be on any number of branches. The ways this is currently handled is that only branch heads receive labels, but not any of the ancestors (unless they themselves are a head of another branch, in which case they get that branch slapped on them).

    We have an existing open issue tracking this limitation and even though your issue is about the Email hook, not the POST hook, I'm closing this one as a duplicate, as the underlying issue is not specific to any particular hook.

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