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Issue #9238 duplicate

Syntax highlighting for pull request diffs

Antoine Lassauzay
created an issue

Hi, I'd just like to submit the idea of adding syntax highlighting for pull request diffs. This would greatly improve their readability as a lot of people tend to use it for code review. I'm aware of the View file option but it can be impractical when large files are involved.

Visually, I believe it's possible to keep green/red background while still applying coloring in the foreground.

If I remember correctly, Atlassian Crucible has such as feature.

Comments (2)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Yeah, fully agree that that would be nice. And yes, Crucible does have that!

    However, in order to be able to apply syntax highlighting reliably, you often need to load up and then parse the entire contents of a file (as opposed to just the hunks that have changed) and this makes displaying large diffs substantially slower and we have so far been unsuccessful in getting acceptable performance.

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