Bitbucket Isses out of sync with JIRA

Issue #9241 invalid
Michał Popielnicki
created an issue

We have linked project in JIRA to BB repository. When creating issue in BB it does not appear on JIRA and vice versa.

I believe this guy have exactly the same problem:

The whole point for testing JIRA was to use this kind of sync between BB and project management in JIRA. Is this feature broken or do we do something wrong?

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    The linking between JIRA and Bitbucket does not copy Bitbucket issues over to JIRA, or vice versa. The intention is that you use either JIRA, or the Bitbucket issue tracker.

    For those using JIRA, the DVCS Connector makes it so that whenever you mention a JIRA issue in a commit message, comments, etc, Bitbucket will make it a link to your JIRA instance. However, you'll still want to turn off the Bitbucket issue tracker. It's a separate thing from JIRA.

  2. Helen Muidik


    I'm wondering why is this problem invalid? Both BitBucket and JIRA are products of Atlassian and it would be that much convenient when issues are being synced between Atlassian and Bitbucket (why use two separet issue trackers when it could be one). Bitbucket is used by developers and JIRA mostly by project managers or other team members - why developers have to create issues in Bitbucket and JIRA separately?

  3. José Montes

    We need this to be open again, because that would mean STASH is also useless about Synch with JIRA, thats not good. Maybe to force synch with Bitbucket and JIRA via a button or something, but when insie JIRA to automate issue status to Bitbucket, i guess thats ont very difficult to achieve since we already have a plugin that does some synch, just inclue SSH keys stuff on authentification and that would make it all secure.

  4. DanielaU

    Our company could potentially buy several licenses for Jira, but this "issue" of no BB-Jira-BB issue syncing is a show stopper. Hope new version including it, please let us know when it happens

  5. Chris Holcomb

    I also see this as an issue. Right now clients using my software can get a free BB account and log issues. This works great, they can reply by email and everything is tracked in the issue tracker for all to see.

    I just purchased Jira for the Agile and better issue tracking and management, and while it did import all my issues in from BB, they don't sync. There is no way I will pay for a license for all my clients to have a Jira account just so they can report bugs.

    I enabled the Issue Collections but this does not notify the user when the issue changes state or is completed and doesn't allow for the communication the way the BB does, only for PAID user accounts reporting bugs. How is it that your FREE BB account has better issue communications then your paid service.

    So far I have been loving Jira, but as a start up my users feedback is a must and BB did a much better job of allowing my clients to report bugs and all of us get instant email alerts and easy reply features. I was expecting Jira to be better than BB since Jira is constantly advertised on BB as an upgrade.

    What other options do I have to allow my clients to report bugs like they do now in BB and have instant email notifications and have everyone get alerts on state change and closure status? By other options I don't mean me paying for a license for all my clients so they can report bugs the same way they having been doing so with BB for free.

  6. Tomás Flores

    @Erik van Zijst "The linking between JIRA and Bitbucket does not copy Bitbucket issues over to JIRA, or vice versa. The intention is that you use either JIRA, or the Bitbucket issue tracker." why not sync as an option? maybe not bi-direcctional but Bitbucket issues to JIRA would great

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