Firefox hangs while handling big pull requests

Issue #9245 resolved
Łukasz Nowak
created an issue

I made pull request which results in ~150 files which changes, some of files being quite big with a lot of different lines.

While using Firefox 28 on the pull request screen everything hangs for minutes with 100% CPU utilization. On Chrome 33 the pull-request web page is usable, but very sluggish. On Chrome I saw "This diff was too big for us to render on page load. Click here to try to load it" in some places, but in case of Firefox I lost my patience for this to render.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    How big is the pull request? 150 files with each just a few modified lines should not give any issues. Can you share the link to the pull request? If you're not comfortable sharing that on this public issue tracker, you can email it to us at and refer to this issue.

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