In issue tracker import, updated_on for issues is required, although documentation says it is optional or nullable

Issue #9266 resolved
David P. Caldwell
created an issue

On the confluence documentation at

updated_on The timestamp of the most recent change to the issue's state. This includes everything from assignee to status. A string in ISO 8601 datetime format (for example, "2013-04-21T03:12:04.660869+00:00"). This string can be null.

When I attempt to import an issues file with updated_on omitted, or with updated_on null:

Issue updated_on: Required datetime field not found: updated_on

I have several keys (I just noticed them in my E-mail) for this problem: f40e5f7f-64e1-4fe8-b545-67d53a73e571 b654650c-e5b8-43fd-898d-74cba25af7e7 fecac5e9-438b-4277-9f7c-0bccf16e3d1e

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    I'm not entirely sure I follow. Are you saying you exported an issue tracker and are trying to re-import that .zip file when Bitbucket chokes on it? Or did you create your own zip archives?

  2. David P. Caldwell reporter

    I created my own archive using the format specification on the Confluence page, to which I linked and from which I quoted above. The specification, in the Issues section, says that the string updated_on can be null (full specification quoted above, in description for this issue), but currently the issue tracker import does not accept imports that contain issues where the updated_on property is omitted or null.

    The message I pasted is the message I received when attempting to import the file. The keys I pasted are from E-mails I received in response to imports that I attempted with files containing issues with omitted or null updated_on properties.

    I hope that is clear. If not, let me know.

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