Show Bamboo build results associated with Pull Request

Issue #9267 duplicate
Ben Tatham
created an issue

As per Stash feature, please show the Bamboo build results on the Pull Request page.

Please don't make us choose between the convenience of a cloud-based system vs the more advanced JIRA/Bamboo integration offered by Stash...that's a tough choice to make.

@Jens Schumacher - perhaps you can give an update since its been over a year since the blog post about this for Stash from @i386 linked above, that you commented on.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    While I will admit it's not truly identical, I'm going to close this issue as a duplicate of #8548, which is about adding an API for CI systems to communicate build statuses to Bitbucket. This API is a requirement for us to be able to display build statuses on PRs.

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