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Issue #9277 invalid

Password reset email not being sent/received

Anonymous created an issue

I have been trying to reset my account and am not receiving the password reset email. I have tested sending other emails to the email address I put into the Password Reset field and they work fine. Yet, I've tried resetting the password several times now, and have not received any emails (in either inbox or junk mail).

I'm not sure if you need the email address, but I can provide it if required.

Comments (4)

  1. Nicolas Venegas


    I would suggest emailing support@bitbucket.org with the username of the account in question and the email address you are expecting the password reset to be delivered to, so that we can see what happened.



  2. Marco Sanguinetti

    I experience the same thing. When attempting to reset my password I get the message: "Success! An email has been sent to marco.sanguinetti@edgetech.com." However, after waiting one hour, no email has been received.

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