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Issue #9278 closed

Facilitate issue import from JIRA (BB-10367)

Reece Hart
created an issue

I'd like to export issues from JIRA to BitBucket.

The use case is probably of interest to Atlassian. We open sourced several internal projects that had been developed with JIRA and BitBucket. It would be convenient and useful to the community for the issues (formerly in JIRA) to migrate with the project to BitBucket. Right now, the JIRA export and BitBucket import options are incompatible. I am unaware of a web service-based migration tool.

I understand that migrating from JIRA to BitBucket won't be possible in all cases, but I suspect a pragmatic solution is possible.

For Atlassian: see https://support.atlassian.com/browse/JST-93214 (This issue is not publicly viewable.)

Comments (4)

  1. Reece Hart reporter

    A rudimentary script that I used to accomplish this task is at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/102123/jira-write-bitbucket-import . An example of the result is at https://bitbucket.org/invitae/hgvs/issues.

    The flow is:

    • If bb repo has existing issues, export them and unzip the package. These become a seed for migration.
    • The script reads the seed, if any, then adds all JIRA issues. Issue numbers are kept (bb doesn't seem to care). Attachments are downloaded. Cross references are made.
    • The issue db is written (overwriting the seed if exists)
    • The whole thing is zipped up and manually imported to bb.

    The script was not intended for public consumption. Users will need to customize it.

    NOTE: I started by trying to write a direct JIRA export to BB import script. However, it appears that one can't set issue creators/assignees/commentors via the API but can with a zip import, and this was important to me.

  2. Benjamin Bach

    Reece Hart you're a wonderful person. Thanks! I had some problems with rcore, your own library, so I just cop-pasted the ImmutableDict into the script. Also, we needed this at the top of the file:

    from __future__ import unicode_literals

    Our use case was: After having moved to Jira before we actually needed the features, we decided to simplify our workflow and just stick to Bitbucket :)

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