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Issue #9281 resolved

If users can revoke their own permissions, there should be a confirm dialog (BB-10348)

Adam Ahmed
staff created an issue

Contrary to https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issue/2973/users-should-be-able-to-remove-themselves, I don't think users should be able to revoke their own permissions. This matches Stash behavior.

Or if you think they should, there should be a confirm dialog in the way to make sure it is intended.

I just revoked a group permission, and then couldn't get it back because I had revoked my own permission through the group (doh!)

Comments (5)

  1. Adam Ahmed staff reporter

    I discussed it a bit yesterday with Michael McGlynn, and there's probably more that has to be done to get a good compromise.

    How do you guys avoid losing all admins for a repo? Do have an explicit check that there is at least one admin? Or can people shoot themselves in the foot?

    Might be something for PMs to discuss before this bug is actually 'fixed'.

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