hg pull with deployment keys stopped working

Issue #9302 resolved
Konstantin Lopuhin
created an issue

About an hour ago pulling and cloning with deployment keys stopped working from all our servers (and all repos). Repos are private, what additional information can I provide?

$ hg pull --debug
running ssh -C hg@bitbucket.org "hg -R <redacted/> serve --stdio"
sending hello command
sending between command
remote: 145
remote: capabilities: lookup changegroupsubset branchmap pushkey known getbundle unbundlehash batch stream unbundle=HG10GZ,HG10BZ,HG10UN httpheader=1024
remote: 1
pulling from ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/<redacted/>
query 1; heads
sending batch command

and it hangs here

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