no longer mirroring (BB-11140)

Issue #9315 resolved
Philip Jenvey
created an issue

An hg mirror of the Jython project was setup a few years ago at:

It hasn't synced in a couple of months. It should be a mirror of:

Could we fix it back to mirroring? Assigning to Brodie because IIRC you originally set this up. Thanks!

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Philip,

    We plan to get this fixed soon. However, with the recent site performance issues, we may not be able to have this fixed for at least a few days. Keep an eye on this issue and we'll let you know.


  2. Jim Baker

    Is is possible to manually update the mirror? This is impacting our development process now given out of date the mirror, and the fact that we have PRs against it.

  3. Jim Redmond staff


    It should be fixed now - the sync script had an unfortunately-placed carriage return, which wasn't readily apparent but which broke a key environment variable. Can you confirm that everything looks OK?

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