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Issue #9318 resolved

Activity page is broken

Artem Kuskis
created an issue

Made some commits to the private repository, but on activity page I can see only changes which I've made in wiki. What's wrong?

But I can see my commits when I open activity pages of each project... but this commits missed from my activity page...

Comments (9)

  1. Nicolas Venegas


    In what repository and what specific commits are you seeing this for?

    Perhaps you can email support@bitbucket.org so that we can examine things more closely with you. Oh, and attaching screenshots would be great.



  2. Artem Kuskis reporter

    Yep, the first screenshot with my activity page (the last messages with changes) and the second - last commits to private repository.

    So, now it shows changes in my private repositories and others private wikies, but there no changes in others private repositories.

  3. Artem Kuskis reporter

    Also I can't delete attached file here... I want to delete first Private_not_mine_repo.png file, but I can't and no messages about that I have no rights to do it (why "Delete" button is shown?)... Please, remove old "Private_not_mine_repo.png" file.

    Added: I've just found, how to delete attached image... but can't delete comment with link on removed file.

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