can I see 7-8 days of activity? (instead of 5)

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Dan Morrow
created an issue

I need to fill out a timesheet every Monday morning. So, I like to consult with BitBucket, to remind myself of the projects that I worked on in the past week. If I could see history going all the way back to last Monday, then this would be great.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Dan,

    Rather than showing a certain number of days, we always show the last 30 items, so there are times this could include a whole week. Unfortunately, at this point we don't have any plans to change the number of items we show.

    One option would be to subscribe to the RSS feed for your dashboard newsfeed. This will include activity from other users as well, but it would be a place to store activity history for longer.

    Also, for a specific repository, we have Issue #4307 logged that would keep track of statistics. If that might be another option for you, you can show your support and vote for that issue.

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