1C: Enterprise (BB-10486)

Issue #9339 closed
Эмиль Карапетян
created an issue

We want to start using your system storage, however, it is difficult to do, maybe. you otsutvuet language programmrovaniya necessary for us. We see that you have added language ABAP, SAP from the company, and so we want to ask you to add the language 1C: Enterprise, this language is the internal language development system 1C: Enterprise. Learn about it here you can http://1c-dn.com/1c_enterprise/what_is_1c_enterprise/

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  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    We use the CodeMirror to do syntax highlighting in the online editor. If you can direct us to a 1C syntax highlighting plugin for CodeMirror we can investigate the possibility of adding it in.

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