Ability to create private issues (BB-251)

Issue #934 closed
Justin Schwartz
created an issue

On the previous bug tracker I used, I was able to mark issues as private, hiding them from the general public. This was useful for keeping track of issues that had security implications, or regarded a certain exploit that was not a good idea to just post to the public.

I'm not sure the best way to implement such a thing in this system would be, but it's probably fair to say that repo admins at the very least would be able to see private issues, possibly repo writers could see them as well.

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  1. Adam Kragt

    I'd like to throw my support behind this issue.

    Looking to allow site visitors to post issues, but would also like to use the issue tracker internally to keep track of stuff we're working on that we don't want visible to the general public.

    I'd love to see a 'Minimum Level' option (choose between admin, write, read) for who can view private issues. Barring that, I think having 'write' users/groups be the minimum allowed to view private issues.

  2. ousia

    Well, this issue is almost five years old.

    Would it be possible that someone from Atlassian could confirm this issue or reject it as it won’t be fixed?

    Sorry, but after so long, I guess that it is important to implement the proposal or reject the issue.

    Many thanks for your help.

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