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Issue #9347 closed

Feature Request - Freeze Repository Button (BB-10392)

Jeffrey Roberts
created an issue

On occasion we have to rewrite the history of our repo due to various reasons, usually we just need to remove a commit or two off the top of the stack.

It would be ideal to have a button that would prevent any pushes to the repo during the time it takes us to identify the commits to remove and rewriting the history of the repo. We want to do this so that any pushes during this time doesn't get lost, etc...

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you!

  • Jeff

Comments (7)

  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I've added a ticket for this to our backlog to be prioritized. We may not have time to implement this soon, but keep an eye on this issue for any updates.


  2. Mark Colbath

    I found this on Google. I would like a "freeze" for a different reason. We deploy our code every month. I would like to be able to freeze the repository while we are in our testing cycle. The freeze would disable pushes.

  3. Daniel Ennis

    Tahir - Surely your dev team vs administrative team is in separate groups - you can just set their permission to read only.

    Mark - Why disable pushing to a branch to continue working on other things? You could follow same thing I suggested to Tahir to change the groups ability to push to master.

    You could have a branch for the testing phase that is restricted who can push to it, then never have to worry about changing permissions.

  4. Tahir Khalid

    Hi to be honest I was thinking at an owner level so as an owner you could potentially freeze a repo but your suggestion makes sense and it's what I have gone for (I will be creating further groups to sub-divide permissions).



  5. Mark Colbath

    For now, we no longer need a freeze as our dev team has been reduced in size. We had a team of four and sometimes not every developer read the memo of when we were testing/releasing. Now there are just two of us, so not as much code to test in integration.

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