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Issue #9356 resolved

Pull Requests Not Updating Automatically (BB-10399)

Thomas Maloney
created an issue

I noticed this change today, but my team's pull requests are not updating automatically. Currently to update a pull request, I have go to the fork and issue a new pull request. (This then warns me that it will update the currently existing pull request, which is fine). It was much easier before to see the notification and update it manuall from the pull request URI.

Comments (12)

  1. Joris Geessels

    I can confirm this behavior ( bug? ). It's indeed confusing that you now have to create a new pull request to update an existing one. Would be great if this can be resolved!

  2. Thomas Maloney reporter

    Michael Frauenholtz I noticed a change today where pull requests can be manually updated from the pull request's URI. That's great, thanks. Even though this bug is still technically outstanding, I much prefer this behavior (I voted for issue #9361). Please keep me informed of any changes, thanks.

  3. Mike Robinson

    My team has also experienced this problem, except we were not using a fork.

    A commit was pushed to the branch of an existing pull request and it did not automatically update. However, we did see the manual update link which works as before.

  4. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Sorry for the lack of updates. This should be resolved now.

    There were 2 issues involved here:

    1. Pull requests were not updated automatically when the destination was the parent of a forked repository. A fix for this has been deployed.
    2. There was a period of time when all pull requests were not updated automatically. This was intentional, due to the site-wide performance issues we had. This has also been turned back on for everybody.

    Pull requests should be updating automatically for everybody now. Please let us know if that is not the case.

  5. Anonymous

    Can you please give us some idea how long it would take for Pull Request to be updated? It's been 20 minutes since my last commit to the branch and the Pull Request has not been updated. Might be an idea to have manual update button "just in case"?

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