Import/Export issues to/from CSV and/or Excel (BB-10427)

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Tony O'Hagan
created an issue

Please add support for exporting issues into Excel to permit project management tasks such as estimation and bulk changes to issues (e.g. assigning to components). CSV format is the most needed and Excel XML (.xlsx) format would be a bonus.

It would be very helpful to be able to export either ALL issues or new/open issues. Export records should contain all available issue fields and ideally even a "project" field so you can merge issue lists from multiple projects by just appending the CSV files.

Thanks for bitbucket!

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  1. Martin Geisler

    Having issue information in CSV or Excel format will be nice for some.

    I think the right way to go about this is to write a converter program from Bitbucket's export format. Now that it's possible to export issues in a machine-readable format, the community should take over and write converters to the formats they like.

  2. Tony O'Hagan reporter

    I wonder if it might be a bit clunky to have to export in one format then be forced to download another app to convert it. Every time you'd then have to do this two step process. I think this would not be a very nice user experience and would just frustrate users. A CSV export isn't that hard to code and is a very well supported MIME type.

  3. Martin Geisler

    A third-party conversion tool could do the download for you and then convert it to whatever format you like. The user doesn't need to see the format served by Bitbucket.

    I understand that you talk about a direct CSV download and in my opinion, it's better that Bitbucket has offered a full-fidelity export function. I believe that you will lose information when you squeeze the open issues into a CSV file, so Bitbucket shouldn't be the ones who decide what you throw away.

    They are welcome to prove me wrong by implementing a CSV download, but I think it's the wrong way to go about it. The better way is to give the community the tools needed and they did that when they added the issue export feature.

  4. Tony O'Hagan reporter

    The ability to perform a full issue export for the purpose of migrating data to another issue tracker has already been done (Exports in JSON format).

    I'm after a simple time saving feature to get the issues into a spreadsheet. Most project managers would expect this feature to be a one click simple export like every other app that support this - not something you'd then have to mess around with by being forced to download another app to extract that data. That's just plain annoying and a time killer.

  5. Kris Bray

    this would be very handy as right now i need to create a qa report for our clients with a list of bugs. I dont care about exporting to antoher tracker I need it in excel or some kind of report format.

  6. Mike Cunneen

    I've just knocked one up that you might find useful. You can export it to Excel (although you have to rename the downloaded file to have a .xls extension).

    It should be available here in the next half hour or so (it's not available yet):

    If that's not working, you can just download the zip file from here , extract all the files and open the index.html in your browser. It all works from the browser.

    EDIT: 2014-08-15 Updated the link

  7. Thomas Townsend

    That's a handy feature for sure Mike. It would be even better if you could make it do the reverse too.

    I just recently took over a project from Google Code. I exported the Issues via cvs which has been formatted in to an Excel for the same reason that Tony mentioned.

    In my case now that I have the cleaned up Issues Log, I need to Import it into Bitbucket. There is no way to accomplish this without converting (yet again) the Excel file to JSON.

  8. John Garcia

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's unlikely that we will make any major changes to the issue tracker in the near future, but we will keep your suggestion in mind if anything changes.

  9. Welat Nehri

    Thanks Mike. Coversion works fine, but there is an issue with special characters. They are shown as following in the CSV file: ä --> ä ö --> ö ... Probably the solution would be to store the content in UTF-8.

  10. Jon Folsom

    This, please. I needed to export the issues list today and am surprised that such a commonplace feature is missing. I might have to go back to Bugzilla. And I hate Bugzilla!

  11. Derek Hunter

    Just upgraded to start using JIRA and realized that there is no easy transfer process to import/integrate BitBucket issues to JIRA issues. This seems like a normal customer acquisition path that Atlassian should consider making a smoother conversion process for.

  12. Frederick Henderson

    Mike Cunneen's tool only extract the issues section of the json file exported from Bitbucket. The comments, attachments, components, milestones, versions, meta, and logs sections do not get extracted.

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