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Issue #9379 duplicate

PR doesn't update with last branch changes

Joseph Martinot-Lagarde
created an issue

I created a PR (https://bitbucket.org/spyder-ide/spyderlib/pull-request/30/correctly-decode-string-code-after-pep8) from a branch (https://bitbucket.org/Nodd/spyderlib/branch/pep8_encoding), and updated the branch afterwards. My problem is that the PR is not updated with the modifications. It seems that it is not linked to the correct PR but I can't change that. It shows an old PR where I wrongly choose the local repo instead of upstream.

Comments (3)

  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Joseph,

    I believe this is because of a bug right now where it seems that pull requests across forks are not updated automatically. I'm going to mark this issue as a duplicate. Once that bug is fixed, if you're still seeing problems then you can reopen this issue and we'll take a look.

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