Can't commit any changes after you guys moved repos to new hardware.

Issue #9401 resolved
Josh Bearden created an issue

Getting the following error while trying to make ANY change: We had trouble committing your changes.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Joshua,

    Can you give me a little more information about where you're seeing this? Are you editing files from the website? Are you committing locally and pushing to the site? Anything you could tell us will help.

    We have been having some site issues lately, so that is likely the cause of this. You can monitor the situation at We are working hard to have these problems resolved as soon as we can.

  2. Josh Bearden reporter

    I'm trying to make changes via the website, then pull via SSH. However, I can't make any commits whatsoever on any directory. No errors. Just a message saying "We had trouble committing your changes.". I wish I could give more info but that's all there is.

  3. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    I was just able to change a file online without any errors. Have you tried again recently? If it's still failing for you, can you let me know which repository (or repositories) you're having trouble with? If you'd rather not post them here, you can email and we can help you there.

  4. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    We've had some cases recently where git is not correctly releasing locks on certain branches, which I believe was the case here. I removed the lock for that repository, so you should be able to commit now. Let me know if you're seeing any other problems.

  5. Jeff Clayton

    This issue happening now (Sep.2016) -- I was able to edit once, but after that I get the error people mention in this thread. No more edits are working.

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