Creating a branch via the web interface doesn't persist the destination. The destination is always reset to default

Issue #9403 duplicate
Luke Kyohere
created an issue

When I create a branch and select a destination other than default (see first attachment), the branch is created properly, but the next screen always shows that the destination has been reset back to the default branch (see 2nd attachment)

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Luke,

    What you're seeing isn't actually a bug, just a feature we haven't implemented yet. Your new branch is being correctly created, from the branch you choose. The problem is on the next screen, when you view the new branch. All branches are shown compared to your repository's default branch. We don't have a way to set a different destination for each branch, which is described in the duplicate issue. For now you will need to manually select a different destination branch to compare correctly. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this.

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