Behind and Ahead counts are missing from "Branches" tab

Issue #9405 resolved
Jared Bryant
created an issue

The Behind and Ahead counts for branches appear to have disappeared. I also noticed that several of our branches appear to be missing commits when a pull request is created.

The "Branches" tab I'm referencing is at{organization}/{repository}/branches

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  1. Jared Bryant reporter

    @Neeson Zhang

    Yes, branches tab appears to be working properly. I see all of our branches and update times. We are investigating an issue where there is a commit that appears to be missing from a pull request, but that may have been PEBKAC issue (user error).

  2. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi all,

    As part of the work we're doing to resolve our recent performance problems, we've temporarily turned off ahead/behind counts for branches. These can be expensive to calculate, and we're trying to give priority to more important parts of the site. These counts will return once we have the site healthy again. You can check the status of this at

  3. Patrick McMorris

    Thank you, I appreciate the quick feedback so we know what is going on.

    I would however like to note that as a paid enterprise user in the middle of a project this is a frustrating feature to lose, even temporarily. We really appreciate how competitive your pricing is, however we would rather keep features and see a price increase than see features dropped.

    Thanks Patrick

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