Display of email address list wrong after address is deleted

Issue #9407 duplicate
jaseg created an issue

Scenario as follows: An email address is added to my account due to me clicking on an invitation "accept" link in an email (btw, this is annoying, a "accept invite but do not add address"-option would be nice) I go to the email address management page The new address (say, a@jaseg.net) is displayed first, the old address (say, b@jaseg.net) second. I click the delete button next to the new address (a@jaseg.net) The second address disappears from the list, so the list now only contains a@jaseg.net After reloading the page, the list contains only b@jaseg.net as one would expect.

The bug also occurs when manually adding email addresses. The bug only occurs when deleting the first of two email addresses in the list. I did not try with more than two addresses.

Thanks, jaseg

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