Chinese Directory Name on UI display not correct using hg (中文目录名显示不正确使用hg)

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Zhou Wei
created an issue

I recently trial BitBucket, using hg, found Chinese support has been more perfect, using TortoiseHg, push and pull contain Chinese text, Chinese file names and directory names files are no problem; But when I login page, see Chinese directory name displayed incorrect, see the following picture, fix, thank you. BTW: I use Git to Bitbucket, all places are not met Chinese compatibility issues;

我最近试用BitBucket,使用hg,发现中文支持已经比较完善了,使用TortoiseHg,push和pull含有中文文本,中文文件名和目录名的文件,都没什么问题;但是当我登录网页,看到中文目录名显示不正确,请看下面的图片,请修正,谢谢。 BTW:我用Git访问Bitbucket,所有地方都没有遇到中文兼容性问题;

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    It looks like this might be an issue with our SCM-layer's character encoding detection code that might fail to correctly identify the encoding for small strings.

    What character encoding are you using in that repository? I suspect it may not be UTF-8? If you can find the time, could you recreate the problem in a small standalone repo that you could share with us as a test case?

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