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Issue #9410 resolved

Source list dates are all being set to current-timestamp on page load.

Rob Jackson
created an issue

When loading the source-tree view of a repository, all of the last-modified dates are displaying "Just now", and as time ticks on they tick with it - to "... seconds ago", "... minutes ago", and then a refresh goes straight back to "Just now".

I took a quick look at the page, and I'm guessing this is the endpoint that loads in the relevant data: https://bitbucket.org/xhr/source-lastmod/USER/REPOSITORY/LAST_COMMIT however this just returns divs without any data, e.g.

<div data-for="#sourcelist-date-ac52dab53b4fa277ecf60644f5667270cd40ad40"><time datetime="" data-title="true">unknown</time></div>
  <div data-for="#sourcelist-text-ac52dab53b4fa277ecf60644f5667270cd40ad40">


Snippet from https://bitbucket.org/xhr/source-lastmod/RJacksonm1/dotabank-gc/939bfbe2fb33619550bcbec67a31261051e15713/

Reproduction steps

Go to the source-tree view of a repository (easy :D)

Expected behaviour

The last-modified date shows when the files were indeed last-modified.

Actual behaviour

The last-modified date simply states "Just now".

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