Source list dates are all being set to current-timestamp on page load.

Issue #9410 resolved
Rob Jackson
created an issue

When loading the source-tree view of a repository, all of the last-modified dates are displaying "Just now", and as time ticks on they tick with it - to "... seconds ago", "... minutes ago", and then a refresh goes straight back to "Just now".

I took a quick look at the page, and I'm guessing this is the endpoint that loads in the relevant data: however this just returns divs without any data, e.g.

<div data-for="#sourcelist-date-ac52dab53b4fa277ecf60644f5667270cd40ad40"><time datetime="" data-title="true">unknown</time></div>
  <div data-for="#sourcelist-text-ac52dab53b4fa277ecf60644f5667270cd40ad40">


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Reproduction steps

Go to the source-tree view of a repository (easy :D)

Expected behaviour

The last-modified date shows when the files were indeed last-modified.

Actual behaviour

The last-modified date simply states "Just now".

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi @Rob Jackson

    As part of the work we're doing to resolve our recent performance problems, we've temporarily turned off the last modified time for files. This can be expensive to calculate, and we're trying to give priority to more important parts of the site. These times will return once we have the site healthy again. You can check the status of this at

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