Add delete warning for teams with email addresses (BB-10461)

Issue #9412 closed
Chris Garrah
created an issue

When managing a team I am unable to set contact email addresses. When managing a personal bitbucket account however, I still have the option to add any number of email addresses and to assign one of them as the primary account.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Chris,

    This was an intentional decision to not allow new email addresses for teams. A team should be a collection of users, rather than an account on its own. Is there a specific reason you want to add an email address to a team?

  2. Chris Garrah reporter

    Nope, just updating the account. Found it odd that once deleted I could not add another email back in. Perhaps you could add a notification that the feature is depreciated for teams at the top of the page?

  3. Alessio Caiazza

    Same for me.
    I was updating a team and I found an old email so I tried to update it.
    I was only able to delete it and I was concerned about not being able to set a new one.

    I think that a notification of deprecation should me placed into the team email page.

  4. AlvaroGonzalez

    I cannot add an email address either. And the problem is that I'm trying to transfer a repository to the team, but because the team does not have an email address, it cannot accept the transfer.

  5. AlvaroGonzalez

    I'm moving a repository I own from my account to the team account of which I'm the creator/owner/administrator. But I was never given an option to add an email address to the team or edit it. That said, I have not seen anywhere the option to accept this repository as a team administrator.

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