If you delete a message from your inbox, BitBucket will ignore replies

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Jurko Gospodnetić
created an issue

I've noticed I occasionally get an e-mail message about a direct message being sent to me over BitBucket, but when I look at my BitBucket inbox (link to it provided in the received e-mail message), the message is not there.

My guess is that if I delete a message from my BitBucket inbox and then someone sends me a reply to that message, their reply will be sent to me as an e-mail message but will not be added to my BitBucket inbox.

This is, of course, wrong. 😄

E-mail is not a reliable messaging medium, as the message could in theory never arrive and without you/BitBucket being notified about it. On the other hand, BitBucket inbox and on-demand web access to it should be reliable and should not allow messages to be lost without the owner/me explicitly deleting them. I could perhaps not be able to access the inbox at any specific point in time, but once I do access it, there should be no way a message is missing from it.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Jurko Gospodnetić

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