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Issue #9428 resolved

You cannot log in as the OnDemand Bitbucket team

Anonymous created an issue


After I was forced to create an administrative account I am unable to login using my username "jgonzalez". My partner who owns the repository says there are two accounts linked to his. jgonzalezd and jgonzalezd_sist.

The thing is I can not login with jgonzalezd and when I try to reset the password and I write my user name "jgonzalezd" in the "username or email" field I got the message:

"You cannot log in as the OnDemand Bitbucket team. Please log in with an individual user account to administer this team"

I am able to login using the "jgonzalezd_sist" account into the webapp but I cannot see the project we are working on with my partner, however I can clone it using the console.

Comments (2)

  1. Daniel Bennett staff

    I apologize for the delay on this. Can you please contact support@bitbucket.org with your case and we'll try to get this resolved after confirming your identity.

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