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Issue #9431 invalid

Free users on teams

Dhenain Ambroise
created an issue

I invited the maximal amount of users though my personal account Vadorequest. I have a team called Ayolan, we are 5 users and I can't add another user. But I have 3 free users because I invited 3 people to bitbucket.

I don't get it, and yesterday I finally bought a 10 users plan, I forgot that we could add users free.

So, why my team isn't granted with 3 free users? Thanks.

Comments (2)

  1. Dhenain Ambroise reporter

    Ok, that's confused, please be more clear about this behaviour, I basically don't need to have more users on my own repositoris, doesn't make sense. But I need them in my team, so please add warning about that or change the way it works.


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