Add a way for a user to manually configure the App Switcher in Bitbucket (BB-9943)

Issue #9436 resolved
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

The Application Navigator (App switcher) in Bitbucket can not be configured manually. For users who have JIRA OnDemand and choose to manually integrate Bitbucket, there is no way to tell Bitbucket to show the links to JIRA/Confluence. There should be a way, at a minimum, to configure the Application Navigator manually in the case where a user has configured the integration manually.

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  1. Nickolay Loshchinin

    Dear Atlassian Support Team!
    I’ve got into troubles with my Bitbucket account. The problem is: the Bitbucket account does not show me links in the top-left menu to JIRA and Confluence, while it is accessible from JIRA and Confluence via top-left menu.
    I have JIRA and Confluence OnDemand accounts (url:
    I have Bitbucket account:
    I don’t see Bitbucket in my billing details in JIRA->Billing;
    I don’t have a menu to open my JIRA from bitbucket. Instead - I’ve promotional menu:
    From there I can proceed with Free Trial and then select the option to connect my current JIRA account ( to the Bitbucket.
    BUT it does not work. After selecting an option to integrate with mu current JIRA I get JIRA->Billing screen without any mention of Bitbucket.
    While in JIRA I’ve normal menu, leading me to my bitbucket.
    I don’t know how to connect JIRA and Confluence with Bitbucket into one account. Please, help me ASAP.

  2. Diego García Martín

    I got into the same problems! You helped me manually. Thanks for that! But I think this should be accessible to the users. I'm migrating the platforms of my enterprise to Atlassian environments. I hope this will be fixed as soon as you can. Thanks in advance!

  3. Derek Price

    Not having this really breaks the feel of having an integrated suite of products. My team can navigate in one direction and then not navigate back. Seems like it shouldn't be that hard to add a JIRA link automatically to the app switcher, especially when the regex ticket navigation already works from pull requests and I had to enter data for DVCS integration. Anyhow, manually adding links would be my second choice, but maybe that is the more general solution that can please everybody, and I would be able to add my team's Confluence link too. Thanks!

  4. Jeroen van Schelven

    Dear Attlassian,

    I'm currently struggling with the exact same problems as Nickolay is describing above. It is possible to connect my JIRA account to Bitbucket but not the other way around and i'm stuck with the same promotional menu.
    It would be very nice if this would be integrated the exact same way.

    Thnx, Jeroen

  5. Scott Branch

    The menu issue confused me too. I would be fine with a simple manual way to configure the links. The integration could be more automated down the road through DVCS. MVP = Add manual config option.

  6. Lioz Nudel

    Same here, I just migrated from JIRA & Confluence cloud services to in-house.
    I managed to add simple application link on both of them, but it works one way only - Bitbucket can't link to my in-house services.
    should be minor code change on your side, please fix it.


  7. Sebastian Esch

    When having Confluence and JIRA Cloud Instances and still seeing the promotional information in the BitBucket Cloud application navigator and being able to navigate back from BitBucket to e.g. JIRA, this is a blocker for us for switching to BitBucket.

  8. Amen Ra

    I am good. I got it setup I can switch between apps.


    Amen Moja Ra
    Senior Full Stack Engineer
    Specializing in PHP, WordPress, REST API, and Angular JS
    Imagination Everywhere, Inc.

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