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Issue #9442 closed

Redirect of branch url incorrectly converts branch names to lower case (BB-10034)

Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

Steps to reproduce:
1. On a given account "abc" and repo "def", create a branch with some UPPER case characters, e.g., "DEV-1-new-issue". The branch url would looks like: https://bitbucket.org/abc/def/branch/DEV-1-new-issue
2. Rename the account name from "abc" to "Abc" (or anything else)
3. Visit the original branch url

Expected: be redirected to https://bitbucket.org/Abc/def/branch/DEV-1-new-issue
Actual: redirected to https://bitbucket.org/Abc/def/branch/dev-1-new-issue (note the lower case "dev") and got 404

Comments (5)

  1. Adam E

    I have noticed that this used to work in the past and appears to be a regression issue. I have been using capital branch names for a while and for the last month or so I've noticed this issue. Wondering if you have an update on when you might be able to look into this.

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