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Issue #9447 closed

Column truncation in issues list leads to ambiguous values (BB-11057)

Thomas Thomassen
created an issue


The issue title doesn't scale very well. It's hard to scan the list like you see in the screenshot.

It'd be nice to control which columns where visible as not all are useful all the time. That and/or the title text get it's own full width length.

Comments (6)

  1. Thomas Thomassen reporter

    The new layout is a great improvement. Only nit I have now is that the Milestone is rather short and clipped after a few characters. I have milestones like "Version 1.2" and "Version 2.0" and all I see is "Versio..." - making it hard to see which issue belong to which milestone. If the clipping was smarter and ensured that different strings wasn't shortened to identical strings that would help a lot. So you'd get something like "Ver...1.1" and "Ver...2.0".

    That, or being able to select which columns to display. I don't need to see Votes or Assignee for my issues. Nor am I usually concerned about "Created" and "Updated".

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