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Andreas Hilboll
created an issue is a research sharing platform. They offer Github
integration, basically meaning that a certain "release" of a software
project hosted at github is archived in zenodo and assigned a DOI
(unique digital object identifier).

I think it would be cool if they could do the same with bitbucket.
Therefore, I reached out to the guys at zenodo, and this is what they

Dear Andreas,

Thanks for your interest in Zenodo. We do not currently have plans on integrating BitBucket, however it's definitely something we are open for.

BitBucket APIs is nevertheless missing some key features to make the integration as nice as with GitHub. First, BitBucket allows a user to manually add a hook, but does not have an API for adding hooks (note, hooks are the way Zenodo would get notified about new releases in BitBucket). This means that we can't make a solution where a user signs in with their BitBucket account in Zenodo, and flip a switch to start preserving their repository. The user would manually have to add copy/paste a URL from Zenodo to BitBucket. Secondly, we only preserve "releases" in GitHub, and currently BitBucket does not have this concept (this is less of an issue though).

Best regards,

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