Accept Invitation form not enabling "Accept Invitation" button properly (BB-10491)

Issue #9464 closed
Chris Adoretti
created an issue

Multiple team members here have experienced an issue where when they open the accept invitation link and fill in the form's fields the "Accept Invitation" button is not enabled.

This is happening on Windows 7 across Chrome latest, Firefox latest, and IE 11.

Workaround seems to be to not only just tab off the captcha field, but you must tab off of all fields starting with username. By "Tab Off" I mean select the field and then press the tab key repeatedly. My best guess is the validation isn't triggered if you simply click out of the field.

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Chris,

    I think I know what's going on and how to fix it, but I wanted to have you try something first. If you don't have any more accounts to invite to test this with, that's fine and I'll just fix what I think is wrong.

    On the invitation page, my guess is that it's the email field that isn't being validated. We fill that in when the page loads, but don't trigger the validation on it. Can you try going to that page again and see if the Accept Invitation button becomes enabled as soon as you tab away from the email field (as long as you have everything else filled out)?

  2. Chris Adoretti reporter

    We have a team member starting on the 19th that is yet to be invited. We could test your theory then but it sounds extremely likely that you have found the culprit. I'd say push the fix. I'll keep an eye on the bug and report back on the 19th either way.

    Thanks for the quick turn around!

  3. Chris Adoretti reporter

    Hey Mike,

    Our new team member went through the accept invitation stage and the "Accept Invitation" button enabled as soon as the password field was filled in and tabbed off. We didn't have to tab through the Email field this time.

    Looks like the fix is working.


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