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Restricted branch is deletable by anyone (BB-10488)

Jonathan Dahan
created an issue

If you try to create a branch with a name that has limitations according to the options picked in "Limit pushes to specific users and groups", it allows anyone to delete the branch.

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  1. Jonathan Dahan reporter

    Create two accounts.

    Account 1.

    (1) Create repo (2) Create branch (3) Edit branch management, add Account 1 as the only user under "Limit pushes to specific users and groups" (4) Login with Account 2 (5) Delete branch, it works.

  2. Dan Bennett staff

    Ah, yes. Thanks.

    I need to discuss this with the team as it appears to have been a conscious decision to support deletion as long as the deletion restriction is not in place. I'm not sure this is correct.

    I'll send this to our internal queue.

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Confirming that this feature is configured this way intentionally. If you wish for users not to delete a branch or branches, please configure the Prevent deletion of these branches of your repository admin.

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