Make log-in challenge not use JavaScript

Issue #9480 wontfix
Oleg Sivokon created an issue


This issue may be related: #4586

I'm asking for alternative way to implement challenge question on the log in page. At the moment it uses some JavaScript code, which doesn't work in text browsers such as w3m or Lynx.

There are reasons to use text browser when working with source code repository (better interop with mail clients and code editor), which is why I would like to be able to do this. The site is almost usable in w3m. One can browse the public side almost without a problem (not sure about Lynx), but it's not possible to log in at the moment (or maybe I don't know how, please enlighten me?).

I wouldn't mind if you don't test this feature excessively :) (which was the reason to drop the ticked refered to above), I think that text browser users are expecting that kind of attitude, but being a little bit nicer wouldn't hurt ;)

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  1. Daniel Bennett Account Deactivated

    Our long-term plan for supporting scripting is to continue to expose REST APIs. We do not plan to support browsers without JavaScript at this time.

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