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Issue #9489 resolved

500 Error when attempting to view branches in hg repo

John Call
created an issue

Happens every time. Click branches link from the overview, and up pops a 500 error.

Comments (8)

  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Strangely enough, I can't seem to find that error hash in our logs. Do you mind emailing support@bitbucket.org with the owner and name of the repository in question so that we can look into this issue further?


  2. Nicolas Venegas

    This is currently happening for mercurial repositories where there are no open heads on the main branch [Edit: there may also be other reasons for the 500, but this is one known cause.]

    I'll put out a fix shortly to stop the page from blowing up, but I'll have to follow it up with a change to calculate the ahead and behind counts to take into account close heads.

    Another workaround would be to change the main branch of your repository (in the repository settings) to a branch that has open heads.

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